Please follow the steps outlined for requesting audio (unedited, as it was given live):

Please click here: E-mail (info (AT@) Examine-Expound (dot.)com)

1)The subject line serves as the password that releases the unedited audio.

2) The format and content of the subject line should be as follows:


170820 Audio Request



17  =  2017

08 = August

20 = 20th

***The “A” and “R” need to be capitalized.


3) The six-digit date refers to the date the live session was given, not the date of the request.


4) All audio requests must be made within 3 days of the live session. For a Sunday study, the deadline is Wednesday night, midnight, PT, in other words. 

5) Each person making the request should send in an audio request e-mail of his own. Please do not send in a request on someone else’s behalf.


6) This is because unedited audio files should not be shared with others, and deleted after one is finished listening to them.